We are glad to resume the Sikh Heritage Symphony Program in Guru Nanak Khalsa school for in-person classes.
There will also be on-line classes offered for those interested.
In Sikh Heritage Symphony classes, we teach Sikh heritage instruments – Rabab, Dilruba, Taus, Saranda,
Sarangi and other Indian string instruments. Students learn compositions based on 31 Raags in SGGS Ji
as well as old known compositions and Shabad Kirtan Chaukis.
Our mission is to showcase richness of Sikh heritage music and instruments outside the community also.
Our students also do performances in western music festivals, world music festivals/concerts, music
school recitals. Our students have performed in famous stages like San Francisco Early Music Society,
Berkely World Music Festival, Carnegie Hall - New York and won in various world music competitions.

How it differs from the Keertan program:

- Compositions that students learn are based on 31 Raags instrumental that can be combined and played in fusion with other Symphonies.
- We will not cover extensive vocal Shabad Kirtan curriculum. Vocal Shabad training will be dedicated only for performances required during special events, to teach traditional Kirtan Chaukis as performed in Harmandir Sahib Ji, known compositions from Satguru’s times or compositions that are done for Gurbani translated into English lyrics e.g.

o Song of Khalsa
o Deh Shiva Bar Moheo Basant Raag Darbar Kirtan Chauki
o Guru Nanak dev Ji’s Gurpurav related
o Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Gurpurav related
o Shukrana Kirtan Chauki

Class timings:
- Sunday 11:00-12:30pm
- Online on Saturdays (timings TBD), with once a month in-person workshop
- Students age 7+ are welcome