The following are the results of Group 2 for the Competition held on May 6, 2023

Name Position   Qualifies for Zonal on June 3, 2023
Simrat Kaur  First   Yes
Sangam Singh Dhaliwal First   Yes
Veer Singh Atkar First   Yes
Navnidh Kaur Arora Second Punjabi Yes
Aleena Singh  Second   Yes
Avleen Kaur Gill Second   Yes
Dilnoor Kaur Dhillon Third   Yes
Arman Singh Purba Third   Yes
Hargun Kaur Virk Third   Yes
Harshan Singh Dhaliwal Third Punjabi Yes
Sevak Singh      Yes
Jasmyra  Setia     Yes

The following are the results of the Khalsa School Competition held on May 6, 2023 for Group 1

Name Position   Qualifies for Zonal on June 3, 2023
Fateh Singh  First   Yes
Rhea Singh  First Punjabi Yes
Japleen Kaur Makhija First   Yes
Sirjan Preet Kaur  Second   Yes
Nirvair Singh Setia Second Punjabi Yes
Ravneet Kaur Mann Second Punjabi Yes
Angad Singh  Third   Yes
Neev  Singh Khanuja Third   Yes
Khivi Kaur Dhindsa Third   Yes

The Hemkunt speech competition Center level will be held on May 6, 2023 at

Sikh Gurdwara San Jose 
Library Hall
3636 Murillo Ave San Jose 95148

We plan to begin at 12 noon

Results of the Competition

The center level competition will be for Groups 1, 2 and 3. All will be held in parallel  starting at 12

Groups 4 and 5 will be going straight to the Zonal Competition held on June 3, 2023

Depending on the actual participants that give the speech on May 6, 2023, 1 child for every 5 participants will go to the zonal level.

e.g if there are 15 participants 3 will go to zonal level, if there are 18 partcipants 4 will go to zonal level and so on....

Among all the students that gave the speech on March 26 and April 2 at the Class level, the following link has the ones that moved to Center level (Click to see)

Hemkunt Center Level Participants

If your name is on the list and you do not intend to participate, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know so that we can make arrangments accordingly

If your name is not on the list and you want to participate please fill the following form. 

Registration for Hemkunt Speech

We will publish the order of speech on Friday night. If you are not present at the time your name is called then you will be called again after all other participants are done. So plese be present when your name gets called

The order of presentation lists are as below:

Hemkunt 2023 center level Group 1 order of presentation

Hemkunt 2023 center level Group 2 order of presentation

Hemkunt 2023 center level Group 3 order of presentation

The results will be announced in assembly on Sunday, May 7, 2023 and then posted on the website

For books and questions please refer to the Hemkunt website as below:





Gurbani Contest is being held since 1997. This contest is professionally organized. Experienced judges very precisely monitor the performance of each participant. Participants are judged in the area of clear pronunciation of Gurbani, understanding of Gurbani, language, clarity, style and delivery. Cash prizes, trophies and other awards are pre-sented to participants depending upon their performance and available budget. Punjabi speaking participants receive special cash prizes at the final contest. 

This is an excellent opportunity for participants to understand Gurbani and discuss Guru Ji's message from select Pauris of the Japji Sahib.
This contest also helps participants improve their memorizing Gurbani, public speaking, and presentation skills.
Please see the following brochure for more details: Gurbani Competition 2022 Brochure
You can register  for the contest by clicking on the following:Registration form


Khalsa School is providing preparation classes on Sundays from 12am-12:45 pm - starting October 16th in room 177 at Guru Nanak Khalsa School

The contest at Khalsa School will be held on Saturday December 3rd at 1 pm with trophies and prizes being awarded to all participants. 
We encourage all parents to have their children participate.

FAQ for Gurbani Contest are below:

Qs 1:  Does language (Punjabi or English) matters ?

Ans: No bias in SCORING/JUDGING for the choice of language,  however winners may be given special prize if they have spoken in Punjabi.

Qs 2:   Does it matter if I use my notes during the speech ? 

Ans: There is no penalty points for using notes or no bonus points for memorized contents, however keep in mind if you are referring your notes during the speech you could be inadvertently impacting other areas where you are judged, ex. : expressions, confidence, delivery, timings etc.

Qs 3:   What am I expected to deliver in the speech ?  Pauri‚Äôs Meaning or The  Message ?

Ans: Judges are looking for THE MESSAGE in general or for you in particular that Guru Sahib conveying to us in that Pauri.  Judges are not looking for the meaning or teeka as the primary content of your speech.

Qs 4:   What is the meaning of implementation score ?

Ans: Judges are looking that how would you implement or apply the message in the given puari in your daily life.

Qs 5:  What do i do if I forget gurbani pauri while reading ?

Ans: No worry! If you forget the paurhi while reading. You can restart from the beginning and finish it without any penalty.


The class list will be posted to the website by Saturday night, Sept 10, 2022

Our sewadars are working hard in the background preparing to start the classes. 

1.     Please come to school at 12 pm on Sunday 9/11/22 to collect your books and all other materials. If your school bag is still in good condition please bring it with you.

2.      School will start at 1pm on Sunday

3.      By default we will move students to the next level with few exceptions as requested by parents

We are getting a lot of emails. Please be patient as we respond to your emails.