Gurbani Competition

In Gurbani Contest the participants are judged in the area of clear pronunciation of Gurbani, understanding, style and delivery.

Cash prizes, trophies and other awards are presented to participants depending upon their performance and available budget. Punjabi speaking participants receive special cash prizes at the final contest.

Part I: Written Quiz : (For group 4 and 5 only at zonal-level contest) 10 multiple choice questions and 2 short answer questions, in written form will be asked. Four of the question will be asked from the assigned Pauri and rest of the questions will be from overall Japuji Sahib. Ask the coordinator for a sample.

Part II: Recitation: Part II: Recitation: For this section you have to memorize the number of pauries assigned to your age group - see below. You will be asked to recite 2 pauries randomly drawn. There is no time limit for this part. Take extra care to clearly and correctly pronounce laga-matras as written in Gurbani

Part III: Speech: For this part try to learn the meanings of the given pauries. Discuss the message given in these pauries with your parents and other gursikhs to elaborate Guru Ji's message. Find out what you think about this message and how would you implement this message in your/our daily life. Then summarize your findings in a speech form for the competition. You can back up your idea with examples from Gurbani Focus on the message only. 

Group 1: [Date of birth 01/01/2010 - today]. Recite any Shabad within speech time of 2 minutes.

Group 2: [Date of birth 01/01/2007 - 12/31/2009]. Recite any of first 7 Pauris and give 4 minute speech on Pauri #4 - Saacha sahib saach nai....

Group 3: [Date of birth 07/01/2004 - 12/31/2006]. Recite any of first 15 Pauris and give 5 minute speech on Pauris #12 through to #15 - All mannay paurhies....

Group 4: [Date of birth 01/01/2002 - 6/30/2004]. Recite any of first 27 Pauris and give 6 minute speech on Pauri #21 - Teerath tap dayiaa....

Group 5: [Date of birth Before 12/31/2001]. Recite any Pauri from Japuji Sahib and give 6 minute speech on the Pauris #35, #36, #37 - Dharam khand...karrarha saar

Center-level contest will be held on Nov. 18th 2017.

Zonal-level contest is to be held on Dec. 10th 2017.